Xyron Pro 850 Refill Cartridges

Xyron Pro 850 Refill Cartridges:

  • Permanent Adhesive : Aggressive Adhesive that creates a permanent bond on most surfance. Can be touched to surfance, peeled back quickly and replaced
  • Repositionable Adhesive : Allows items to be repositioned over and over. Easy removal from glass, walls, paper and most other surfaces.
  • Standard Laminate : A high gloss film suitable for use on a variety of sustrates. Superior adhesion that is compatible with most media.
  • Laminate / Repositionable Adhesive : Laminate top surfance to protect the document and repositionable adhesive on the bottom surface.
  • Laminate / Magnet : Laminate top surface to protect the document and magnetic film on the bottom surface to stick to metal surfaces.

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