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Xyron 4400 A0 Cold Laminator & Adhesive Applicator

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Xyron 4400 Cold Laminator & Adhesive Applicator Laminating Machine

Professional electric driven Xyron A0 4400 wide-format cold laminator and adhesive applicator machine. The perfect Spraymount alternative for large format work. Contact Us For Details.

Xyron AT4301-300 Permanent Adhesive Roll Set Cartridge (23637)

High-Tack AT4301-300 (23637) permanent-adhesive roll cartridges which create a permanent bond on most surfaces for use with the Xyron 4400 machine.

£901.08 (inc. VAT)
Xyron AT4306-170 Repositionable Adhesive Roll Set Cartridge (23638)

Repositionable adhesive roll cartridges for use with the Xyron 4400 machine. Allows you to reposition items after they have been adhered, to most substrates.

£847.08 (inc. VAT)
Xyron DL4300-300 Double Laminate Gloss Roll Set Cartridge

Xyron 4400 A0 double-side gloss cold lamination film. Roll-set pack of 2.

£993.60 (inc. VAT)
Xyron LAT4301-300 Single-side Laminate With Permanent Adhesive Roll Set Cartridge (23649)

Single-laminate front with high-tack adhesive back, for the Xyron 4400 A0 machine only. LAT4301-300.

£973.08 (inc. VAT)