Xyron 1255 A3 Refill Cartridges

Xyron Pro 1255 A3 refill tape-cartridges are available in a variety of finishes to suit your laminating and glue-adhesive application needs, including the following options....
  • High-Tack Permanent Adhesive (AT1251-100-23621): Aggressive adhesive-glue that creates a permanent bond on most surfaces. Once it touches the surface you are applying it too, it creates a permanent bond to it.
  • Standard Permanent Adhesive (AT1255-100-23623): A slightly lower-tack strength compared to the AT1251 above but still creates a permanent bond to most surfaces. Can be touched to surface, peeled back quickly and replaced.
  • Repositionable Adhesive (AT1256-100-23624): Allows items to be repositioned over and over. Easy removal from glass, walls, paper and most other surfaces (ideal for producing mock-ups, book-publishers, design agencies, etc.).
  • Crystal-Gloss Laminate (DL1251-150-623451): A high-gloss laminate film suitable for use on a variety of substrates. Superior adhesion that is compatible with most media, while helping to protect your document from dust, liquids, etc..
  • NEW Matte Laminate (624828): A clean matt laminate finish, without the glare of standard gloss film. Allows you to choose your finish, by having one-side matt and the other side gloss.
  • Laminate / Permanent Adhesive (LAT1251-100-23625): Laminate top surface to protect the document, while applying a high-tack permanent glue-adhesive to the bottom surface.
  • Laminate / Repositionable Adhesive (LAT1256-100-23626): Laminate top surface to protect the document, while applying a repositionable glue-adhesive to the bottom surface.

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