Xerox Premium NeverTear Polyester Film Paper

Xerox Premium NeverTear is a highly durable, printable media made from bright white polyester.

It is perfectly optimsed for both colour and mono digital printing. The smooth matt surface enables a vibrant image and excellent toner bonding.

Premium NeverTear is tear proof, and can be die cut and finished for many applications. It really is the tough alternative to paper.

Features and Benefit
  • Tearproof, waterproof and greaseproof
  • Good toner bonding and image quality
  • Documents can be archived for many years
  • Added value look and feel
  • Can be wiped clean with disinfectant
  • Can be die cut into different shapes
  • Can be offset printed
  • Does not need laminating to achieve durability
  • Can be over-varnished
  • Sheets can be supplied and pre-printed.
  • Clothing tags
  • Plant tags
  • Luggage tags
  • Workshop manuals and catalogues
  • Data sheets for wet/damp conditions
  • External Signage (ATMs/Bus Stops)
  • Sports bibs
  • Use in food preparation or display
  • Aircraft safety sheets
  • Use in hospitals and clinics
  • Loyalty cards

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