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Used / Pre-Owned Paper Drills

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Like New Uchida VS-55 Electric Paper Drill

Like New Uchida VS-55 single-head paper and card drill machine. For drilling (i.e. punching) large stacks of paper up to 50mm height. Complete with original packaging. Low Price!

£1,198.80 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned OMM Concorde 92 Wide-Format Electric Paper Drill

A previously owned OMM Concorde 92 desktop electric paper drilling machine, with a working-table width of 750mm. Works well as shown in video demo below. Low Price!

£1,184.40 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned Uchida VS-25 Electric Paper Drill - 1011016

A Pre-used, serviced, Uchida VS25 electric paper punch drill. Includes a re-sharpened 6mm drill bit, fitted to machine. Very good condition. Low Price.

£597.60 (inc. VAT)
Pre-Used Citoborma Nagel 490 4-Head Paper Drill

A pre-owned Citoborma Nagel 490 4-head paper drilling machine, For high performance hole-punch drilling. Very low price and available for immediate delivery. View working-video demo below.

£5,994.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-used Iram-12 Morgana 4-Head Electric Paper Hole Drill

A pre-used Iram 12 4-head electric paper drilling machine. In excellent condition and full working order. Includes 4 x 8mm drill bits fitted to machine. Low price!

£3,204.00 (inc. VAT)