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Used / Pre-Owned Binding and Punch Machines

Grab A Bargain With Our Latest Range Of Used, Ex-Demo Binding Machines!
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Our previously owned, used, and ex-demo binding and punch machines include top brands such as Renz, GBC, ACCO, Powis Fastback, James Burn, Impressbind, Bindomatic, and Opus.
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Ex-demo Renz CBS 340/360 Coil Inserter & Crimper

An ex-demo used, Renz CBS 340 / 360 electric coil inserter and crimper for binding documents. In good condition and excellent working order.

£810.00 (inc. VAT)
Ex-demo Used Renz Combi-Comfort-Plus Comb Binder

An ex-demonstration Renz Combi-Comfort PLUS plastic-comb binding machine, with quicker electric punch cycle and integrated comb closer. Latest Model. Low Price.

£1,548.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned Fastback 9 LX Binding Machine

A used Fastback 9 LX-Thermal- Strip Binding Machine. Allows you to create a perfectly bound book 10- 230 sheets within 60 seconds. In working condition

£1,188.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-used GBC Magnapunch 1.0 3:1 Wire Round Punch Tool Die 7707150

A pre-used 3:1 round-hole wire binding punch tool for the GBC Magnapunch 1.0 binding punch machine. With 34 round-hole punch-pins. In good working order. Ref: 7707150-PG34008

£716.40 (inc. VAT)
Used Fastback 20E Powis Binding Machine - 2647

A previously owned quality Fastback 20 strip binding machine. Very good working order. Perfect for corporate businesses for producing quality bound reports and documents. Lowest price.

£2,268.00 (inc. VAT)