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Renz Manual Coil Binding Machines

Manual Coil Binding Machines by Renz.

The Renz DTP 340 is available with interchangeable modules allowing you to change your binding method from coil to wire or comb easily.
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Renz DTP-340A Coil Binding Punch Tool Die

Oval-hole DTP-340-A coil binding punch tool die for the DTP340A Semi-Automatic Punch System.

£1,110.00 (inc. VAT)
Renz DTP-340M Coil Binding Punch Tool Dies

Plastic oval and round hole coil binding punch tool dies for the DTP340M Electric Punch System. With deselectable punch pins.

£1,110.00 (inc. VAT)
Renz DTP 340M Semi-Professional Desktop Binding Punch Machine

The Renz DTP 340M is a high performance binding punch system! This machine has the option of having attachable modules, to create an all-in-one punching and binding system. This can consist of either wire binding, plastic comb binding or coil binding.

£2,602.80 (inc. VAT)
Renz SPB-360 Manual Coil / Spiral Binding Punch Machine Incl. Inserter & Crimper

Renz SPB-360 manual operated coil/spiral punch with electrical spiral inserting unit, integrated spiral cutting and crimping unit.

£2,773.90 (inc. VAT)