Renz INLINE 500 Compact Automatic Punch And Binding Machine

The ABL 500 Industrial Renz ring Wire fully automatic binding machine. Binding line for books, calendars and skip binding, with a 3:1 or 2:1 pitch that can bind up to 2000 documents per hour. Job memory storage, KAS calendar hanger systems and integrated cover page lifting device are all available at an extra cost. Please call us for details and earliest delivery.
Renz INLINE 500 Compact Automatic Punching & Binding Machine For Books and Calendars!
  • Renz INLINE 500 Compact, fully automatic punching and binding machine for books and calendars.
  • Increase your productivity with this piece of equipment.
  • Built with a touch screen control panel. (Optional remote maintenance machine control module for remote diagnostics, software adaptions and connection to the internal company network).
  • Spool de-winding and integrated paper separation re-winding.
  • Comes with a shingle conveyor belt.
  • Can be connected to different packing machines.
  • QSA (quick size adjustment) reducing set-up time.
  • This machine does NOT include closing bars or compressor.
  • Upgradeable with various modules for adaption to customer demands.
  • Optional extras such as:
    • Set of closing bars - 3/16" - 1", 500mm working width, inclusive packing. (1 set of closing bars is necessary for each diameter).
    • KAS 300 - calendar hanger system for forming calender hangers from straight wires and automatic inserting (length 80 - 300mm).
  • Punching dies - (inclusive packing QSA).
    • Round Hole - 4,5mm, pitch 3:1, with QSA, 2 parts, thumbcut 20mm.
    • Square Hole - 4 x 4mm or 4,5 x 4,5mm, pitch 3:1, with QSA, 2 parts, thumbcut 20mm.
    • Round Hole - 6,0 or 6,5mm, pitch 2:1 with QSA.
    • Square Hole - 6 x 6mm or 6,5 x 6,5mm, pitch 2:1, with QSA.
  • Steel guides - (for longer lifetime of punching dies).
  • Other punching dies available on request.
  • Feeding station: Option to bind pre-punched products up to 8mm book thickness.
  • Please contact Elmstok direct on 01945 463434 or for details and earliest delivery.
  • Mechanical cycles per hour: 1,200.
  • Maximum bound documents per hour: 1,200.
  • Maximum binding thickness: 20mm.
  • Maximum punching thickness: 4.5mm.
  • Minimum format in automatic operation: 125 x 145mm.
  • Minimum format in semi-automatic operation: 125 x 100mm.
  • Maximum format: 500 x 500mm.
  • Binding Element: 5.5 - 25.4mm (3/16"-1").
  • Time required for diameter change: 15 mins.
  • Time required for format change: 5mins.
  • Calendar Hangers: 80 - 300mm.
  • Compressed air: 6 bar / 350 - 400 I/min.
  • Machine dimensions (L x B x H): 3,200 x 2,000 x 1,500mm.
  • Machine weight: 590kg.
  • Power requirement: 3~/N/PE 400/230v 50Hz / 2.0kW.
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