Rapid 106E Twin-Rig Electric Stapler Saddle Stitcher & 15,000 Staples

£1,198.80 (inc. VAT)
RRP: £2,351.39
Brand new Rapid 106E 2-head stapler saddle-stitcher. Includes 15,000 staples FREE. In Stock.
£1,198.80 (inc. VAT)
RRP: £2,351.39

Rapid 106E Twin-Head Electric Stapler & Saddle Stitcher

  • Includes 15,000 Genuine Rapid 66/6 Staples FREE!
  • The Rapid 106E Twin Rig is a modern 2 staplers in 1, which allows for simultaneous stapling with the use of an opto cable and bridge-rail (as shown in main photo).
  • The staplers are sequence controlled to avoid overloading the power supply.
  • The Rapid 106E twin-rig is perfect for workplaces where sheets and brochures are to be stapled on demand.
  • You can also speed up production with having more than 2 staplers linked with additional opto cables.
  • The 106E twin-rig can handle, flat, saddle stitch and loop* stapling (*additional Loop Head required - please contact us).
  • The Rapid 106E is ideal for stapling brochures or folders, with the work-table folded down, as speedily and easily as it staples loose sheets or stacks of paper in the flat position
  • Flat & saddle stapling up to 50 sheets (80gsm). Loop stapling up to 20 sheets (additional loop head required as an extra).
  • Magazine capacity: 210 staples - Rapid 66/6 or 66/7 or 66/8.
  • Stapling depth: variable adjustment up to 100mm.
  • Pedal and hands-free automatic trigger operation available.
  • Adjustable stapling depth and variable impact force.
  • Safe To Use: stapling head guard and clearly visible easy to access stapling zone.
  • The Rapid 106E Twin-rig can also be linked a further one or two heads (i.e. 4 stapler units) for greater production capacity.
  • Minimum centre distance between each stapler is 60 mm.
  • Contents Include: 2 x Rapid 106E Staplers, Saddle Bridge Rail, Opto Cable, Foot Pedal, Instruction Manual.
  • Weight: 12kg.
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