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Stago H18T Heavy-Duty Manual Hand Stapler

The Stago HM18T is a professional hand-operated stapling machine which is built to last. It is a robust manual stapler designed for short runs and special requirements.

£1,018.80 (inc. VAT)
Bowfin Half-Strip ABS Black Office Stapler
£15.83 (inc. VAT)
Leitz Nexxt Series WOW Hand Held Stapler & 2-Hole Punch Set

Leitz Nexxt series professional heavy duty stapler and 2-hole punch. A unique 'WOW' selection in various metallic colours to brighten up any office/ room etc.

£47.88 (inc. VAT)
Marlin Full-Strip Black Office Stapler
£26.93 (inc. VAT)
Rapesco 59 Heavy-duty Manual Stapler (Up To 115 Sheets)

A heavy duty Rapesco 59 stapler perfect for any office, school that requires stapling up to 115 sheets (80gsm).

£78.84 (inc. VAT)
Rapesco ECO 4400 Heavy Duty Manual 4-Hole Punch Machine Soft White (1407)

Rapesco ECO 4400 heavy-duty 4-hole paper punch machine. Capable of punching up to 150 sheets of paper in one cycle. Built with an extended handle to ensure maximum leverage and 40% less effort.

£201.60 (inc. VAT)
Skippa Full-Strip ABS Black Office Stapler
£12.36 (inc. VAT)