Xyron Pro 850 Cartridge - Lamination & Magnetic 624208

Xyron Pro 850 Cartridge - Lamination & Magnetic 624208

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  • Xyron Pro 850 single-sided laminate with magnetic backing refill cartrigde.
  • A high gloss film suitable for use on a variety of substrates, with magnetic film on the bottom surface to stick to metal surfaces
  • Superior adhesion and compatible with most media.
  • Acid-free and environmentally friendly - safe for children.
  • Simple and quick to use, with its cartridge 'slot-in' operation.
  • Measurements & Usage: A4,  5.5metre length cartridge.
  • Material width : 23.0cm
  • Thickness : 2.7mil
  • Laminate Thickness: 67.5micron.
  • Mounting Adhesive Thickness : 1.1mil

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Measurements & usageA4,  5.5metre length cartridge.
Material width23.0cm
Laminate thickness67.5micron.
Mounting adhesive thickness1.1mil