PCB-A4 Circuit Board For Programmable IDEAL Guillotines

PCB-A4 Circuit Board For Programmable IDEAL Guillotines

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  • Genuine IDEAL pcb-a4 circuit board for all of the below IDEAL -95EP guillotine models. (please note that you may also require the 99-program keypad control panel, depending on the age of your guillotine).
  • For use with the following IDEAL guillotine models: 4850-95EP, 5221-95EP, 5221-05EP, 5222 Digicut, 6550-95EP.
  • Please note: if you have a non-working keypad or PCB-A4 board with your 9-program guillotine, then you would also require the latest 99-program keypad as well as the above PCBA4 board. This is to make the guillotine function correctly, and upgrade you to the new 99-program feature. We supply this as a control-panel package.
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  • Please let us know the year of manufacture of your guillotine model (i.e. date can normally be found on the rear of your machine).

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Stock Number4850661
Including VAT£838.80
- compatible with the following ideal guillotine models4850-95EP, 5221-95EP, 5221-05EP, 5222 Digicut, 6550-95EP.