Rapesco ECO 4400 Heavy Duty Manual 4-Hole Punch Machine Soft White (1407)

Rapesco ECO 4400 Heavy Duty Manual 4-Hole Punch Machine Soft White (1407)

£189 +VAT

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  • Clear the way for the Rapesco ECO 4400 heavy duty 4-hole punch, makes manual punching effortless.
  • Environmently friendly the handle and base cover are made from a high level of recycled plastic.
  • Finished in a fetching soft white colour.
  • Neat and effortless 4-Hole punching everytime of up to 150 sheets of paper (based on 80gsm paper).
  • This punch machine features hollow punch technology and intelligent engineering to deliver perfectly punched holes.
  • Built with an extended handle to ensure maximum leverage and 40% less effort.(Best to use both hands when punching).
  • Contains compact draws keeping confetti tidy and out the way making disposal easy.
  • Simply tackles heavy duty hole punching jobs.
  • For large repetitive punching. Changing the punching boards and cutters is advised to ensure maximum performance and doing so is quick and easy.
  • Spare punching boards and cutters can be placed in a convenient storage compartment.
  • The ECO 4400 uses Rapesco Punching Cutters 0281 and 0282 Punching Boards.
  • The 4400 is a Heavy Duty hole punch that is built to perform over and over.
  • Please Note: if punching acetate, pvc, or any other type of plastic sheets then you should ONLY limit the number of sheets to 2 at any one time to avoid jams or damage to the punch-pins or machine (i.e. as with any manual punch, plastic covers are not suitable for 'bulk' punching at any one time. Punching paper with plastic sheets is also another option when punching these types of material. Please note delivery can take between 2-3 working days.

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