IDEAL, 4810, 4850, 4860, 4855 Guillotine Hardened Steel Blade Knife

IDEAL, 4810, 4850, 4860, 4855 Guillotine Hardened Steel Blade Knife

£211 +VAT

Available quantity: 36

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  • Hardened steel, IDEAL or EBA Guillotine cutting blade for 48** electric guillotines models.
  • High quality, compatible steel knife blade, which fits models 4810, 4810-95, 4850, 4850-95, 4850-95EP, 4855, 4860.
  • With threaded holes (as shown), made to fit the above IDEAL models.
  • Comes complete with wooden blade carrier, used to ensure blades are locked securely in place, and kept safe during the blade changing and sharpening process (as shown in photos).
  • It is essential you keep at least 1 spare blade for your guillotine, to ensure there is no downtime in production (i.e. you can carry on with your cutting job/s while your old blade is being sharpened).
  • It is also helpful for if you chip and damage a blade half way through an important job.
  • If you have an electric guillotine, we strongly recommend having your IDEAL guillotine serviced every 6 months for Health & Safety checks. Please contact us direct for further information and prices.
  • During the H & S check of your guillotine, the engineer will take your blade and sharpen it ready for their next visit, which is why it is always ideal to have a spare blade.
  • Use the IDEAL easy blade-change holder to secure it to your guillotine hands free, when changing blades.
  • Quantity: 1 blade.


* Quantity1 blade.