Unibind S225 Thermal Binder With 2,000+ Covers

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Unibind S225 Thermal Binder With 2,000+ Covers

£878 (GBP)


Unibinder S225 Machine & Unibind Covers Bulk-Package Offer (OVER 2,200 COVERS)! Includes a pre-owned, used, Unibinder S225 binding machine as well as an assortment of various A4 and A5 Unibind binding covers (see below listings for sizes, etc.). Unibinder S225 machine is in full working order, as shown in photo gallery. S225 automatically sensors documents when placed on the centre heating platens of the machine (i.e. simply add your document sheets to a unbind cover spine, and place on to heating platen). Once the document is placed on the platens and within the supports, the red light comes on and starts to heat the cover document (i.e. which has glue within the spine) and melts the glue. Approximate time for heating and melting the glue is 90-100 seconds. Once this time scale is hit, then the green button turns on to say it is ready to move on to the outer cooling rack platens of the machine.