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Ex-Demo and Pre-Owned IDEAL Manual and Electric Guillotines

View our latest range of previously used or ex-demonstration IDEAL / EBA guillotine paper-ream cutters.
Including manual, electric and programmable models.
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Pre-owned IDEAL 4850-95EP Programmable Guillotine Fully Serviced

Professional IDEAL 4850-95EP electric programmable guillotine with 9-program memory keypad. Fully serviced and sharpened blade fitted. Excellent working order. LOW PRICE!

£5,148.00 (inc. VAT)
Second-hand IDEAL 4850-95 Power Electric Guillotine With Automatic Clamp

An pre-used IDEAL 4850-95 power guillotine with automatic clamp and electric blade operation. Excellent working order.

£3,564.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned IDEAL 5221-95EP 9-Program Ream Cutter Guillotine

A second-hand, used IDEAL 5221-95EP power guillotine. Supplied by us from new to a private school. In excellent condition. Regularly serviced by a qualified engineer. Fully serviced with sharpened blade fitted. In perfect working order. Bargain Price!

£4,068.00 (inc. VAT)
Ex-demo IDEAL 4305 SRA3 Manual Office Guillotine Paper Cutter

An ex-demonstration, used, IDEAL 4305 SRA3 manual paper guillotine office cutting machine. Fully serviced, and includes a newly sharpened blade, fitted by us. Optional floor-stand available. Low Price!!

£810.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned EBA 430EP Electric Programmable Guillotine

A professional EBA-430EP office guillotine with electric blade and automatic backguage fence. Store up to 9 program cutting jobs.

£2,160.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned EBA 480 / IDEAL 4810-95EP 99-Program Guillotine

A previously used heavy-duty EBA 480EP / IDEAL 4810-95EP programmable guillotine. An ex-local authority machine that has been regularly serviced by a qualified engineer.

£2,856.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned IDEAL 4315 Guillotine Cutter With Stand

A previously owned IDEAL 4315 SRA3 electric guillotine, complete with floor-stand as shown. Fully serviced and newly sharpened blade fitted.

£1,764.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned IDEAL 4700A Manual Ream Cutting Guillotine With Optional Stand

A previously used IDEAL 4700A paper cutting guillotine that will cut up to A2 (short side - 475mm cutting length) and up to a massive 80mm stack height. Includes newly sharpened blade fitted, and rear-plastic-guard. Traded in from another customer who upgraded to a programmable model. Low Price!

£1,188.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-owned IDEAL 6550-95EP 9-Program Guillotine 2004

A previously used IDEAL 6550-95EP programmable paper cutting guillotine. Includes a 9-program storage keypad and automatic back-guage adjustment and clamp. Fully serviced and sharpened blade fitted. Excellent working order as shown in working-video demo below. 2004 Model.

£5,148.00 (inc. VAT)
Pre-used IDEAL 4215 Guillotine Cutter With Stand

Previously used IDEAL 4215 electric guillotine with floor-stand included. Fully serviced and sharpened blade fitted. Low Price.

£1,548.00 (inc. VAT)