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Electric Staplers & Saddle-stitchers

We supply a variety of professional electric staplers and saddle-stitchers (i.e. for booklets), including the 'Rapid' range.
These include the popular
Rapid 105E flat-stapler, which is perfect for stapling up to 60 sheets (i.e. for notebooks, etc.), as well as header-cards (i.e. for packaging items, etc.).
The other popular Rapid model is the
Rapid 106E, which can both flat-staple and saddle-stitch staple (i.e. for creating booklets).
Both the Rapid 105E and Rapid 106E range have twin-head options so that you can simultaneously staple your work-load and double your productivity. 
We keep all the machines in stock, as well as staples supplies.
'Rapid' are manufactured and quality controlled to fulfil the needs of industry and business, they are specially designed to meet the human requirements of professional users.
Perfect for print/copy shops, schools, colleges, councils, packaging companies and general offices.
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Genuine Rapid 105 Electric Flat Stapler Incl. 10,000 Staples

The Rapid 105 electronic stapler for table-top flat stapling only. Includes 10,000 Rapid 66/6 staples FREE. Professional desktop and office stapling system. In Stock.

£479.52 (inc. VAT)
Genuine Rapid 105E Twin-Rig Electric Flat Stapler Plus 30,000 Staples

The Rapid 105E table-top flat electric stapler's slim design enables staplers to be placed close together. Perfect for packaging companies. Includes adjustable base-plate and opto cable for linking the 2 staplers.

£1,278.00 (inc. VAT)
Rapid 106E Electric Stapler & Saddle Stitcher With Staples

Brand New Rapid 106E electric saddle-stitcher and flat-stapler. Now including 10,000 FREE staples with every machine purchased. In Stock.

£489.60 (inc. VAT)
Rapid 106E Twin-Rig Electric Stapler Saddle Stitcher & 15,000 Staples

Brand new Rapid 106E 2-head stapler saddle-stitcher. Includes 15,000 staples FREE. In Stock.

£1,198.80 (inc. VAT)
Stago HM15 Automatic Flat & Saddle Stapler

The Stago HM15 is an automatic flat and saddle stapler designed for professional continuous use. With a stapling capacity of up to 17 mm with one or twin stapling heads, they are the reference for the bench models.

£4,500.00 (inc. VAT)
Rapid 106 Loop Stapler / Staple Head For Loop Stapling - 252/106

Rapid 106 loop-stapler head which is used with the Rapid 106 stapler, for loop stapling. Produce loop stapled booklets and documents. Ideal for filing and lever-arch files.

£214.56 (inc. VAT)
IDEAL 8520 Electric Stapler

IDEAL 8520 / MAX20FE Electronic stapler for automatic stapling simple, quick and effortless. Electronic stapler suited for offices large and small, by copiers, mail rooms, etc.

£208.80 (inc. VAT)
IDEAL 8560 / Max EH-70F Electric Stapler

Electronic IDEAL 8560 / Max EH-70F (exactly the same model but branded differently) stapler suited for offices large and small, by the photocopier or in mailrooms, etc.

£475.20 (inc. VAT)
Rapid 105 Replacement Stapler Head - R2/105e

Rapid 105 replacement stapling head R2/105E for normal flat stapling. Replacement or spare stapling head for using Rapid 66/6, 66/7, and 66/8+ staples. Ref: 10841512.

£155.88 (inc. VAT)
Rapid 106 Replacement Insert Staple Head - R2/106e

Rapid 106 replacement insert stapler head R2/106E for normal flat stapling and saddle-stitching. Ref: R2/106E-10842312.

£106.74 (inc. VAT)
Ex-demo Rapid 106E Stapler & 10,000 Staples

An ex-demonstration, very lightly used, Rapid 106E stapler, in full working order and excellent condition. Low price!

£450.00 (inc. VAT)
Rapid 5080 Electric Desktop Flat Clinch Stapler

Rapid 5080 Flat-clinch electric desk-top stapler is an extremely quiet working machine, easy and simple exchange of staple cassettes, with a staple capacity of up to 80 sheets at one time. Adjustable throat depth of 0.50mm.

£464.40 (inc. VAT)
Stago HM18 BSS Manual Treadle Stapler

The Stago HM18 BSS Manual Treadle has a 300mm throat depth. Features Pad and saddle stapling with one staple head. Only use Stago 70 gauge staples. Ideal for Commercial and Digital Printers, In-Plants, Copy Shops, National and Local Government Print Departments.

£2,872.80 (inc. VAT)
Stago HM6 Single or Double Head Stapler Machine

The HM6 Stapler is well manufactured and can handle up to 60 sheets pad stapling and up to 40 sheets on the saddle. Has a throat depth of 220mm. This machine can be purchased with a single or double head and a stand if required. Please select from the drop down menu below.

From: £1,848.00
£2,217.60 (inc. VAT)