Electric Staplers & Saddle-stitchers

We supply a variety of professional electric staplers and saddle-stitchers (i.e. for booklets), including the 'Rapid' range.
These include the popular
Rapid 105E flat-stapler, which is perfect for stapling up to 60 sheets (i.e. for notebooks, etc.), as well as header-cards (i.e. for packaging items, etc.).
The other popular Rapid model is the
Rapid 106E, which can both flat-staple and saddle-stitch staple (i.e. for creating booklets).
Both the Rapid 105E and Rapid 106E range have twin-head options so that you can simultaneously staple your work-load and double your productivity. 
We keep all the machines in stock, as well as staples supplies.
'Rapid' are manufactured and quality controlled to fulfil the needs of industry and business, they are specially designed to meet the human requirements of professional users.
Perfect for print/copy shops, schools, colleges, councils, packaging companies and general offices.

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