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Desktop Folding Machine

Desktop Uchida Duplo and IDEAL Electric Folding Machines.

Ideal for folding letters, leaflets, brochures, menus, bulletins, greetings cards, direct mail pieces, magazines & newspaper inserts.
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Duplo DC-616 Automatic Multi-Finisher, Creaser, Slitter, Cutter, Perforator

The NEW DC-616 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser/Perforator is the perfect finishing solution for the short-run, on demand digital printer.

Duplo DF-1200 A3 Automatic Suction-fed Folding Machine

The DF-1200 is the only table-top suction folder in the market with Optical Double Feed Detection.

Duplo DF-970 A3 Tabletop Folding Machine

The DF-970, along with the DF-980 are the fastest and quietest table-top folders in the market today with a top speed of 260 sheets per minute. Equipped with features such as automatic plate setting, easy to use control panel, job memories, 6 built-in custom-fold and capability to finish wider range of sheet sizes.

Duplo DF-980 A3 Tabletop Folding Machine

The DF-980 is a fully automatic table-top folder with very user friendly operations. Together with the DF-970 they are the quietest and fastest folders in the market today. The DF-980 is equipped with Optical Double Feed Detection to ensure the integrity of the folding process.

Eurofold Touchline CP-375 Slitter / Cutter / Creaser

Perforating longwise and across the sheet, time perforation in both directions as well as professionally creasing are the key features of the CP375.

Magnum MFM-PS Programmable Paper Folding Machine

The Magnum MFM-PS is a programmable paper folding system that has various fold options for sheets up to A3. High variable speed with a large tray capacity. Ideal for offices, schools and print rooms. ONLY 1 LEFT IN STOCK!

£2,628.00 (inc. VAT)
PFE Envelope & Mailing Machine Sealing Fluid 1 Litre - Part A0276A

High quality envelope sealer for mailing systems, from 'World Leaders' PFE. 1 litre bottles.

£23.76 (inc. VAT)
Uchida Aerofold Automatic Paper Folding Machine

UCHIDA's New Paper Folding Machine The Aerofold. Its belt suction feeding system can fold up to SRA3 size of various types of papers, such as offset, coated, art, digital printed papers and more.

Uchida F-15N Paper Folding Machine

This model, formerly equipped with a single-fold function, can now fold paper in various fold types by letting a single folded paper go through the machine again.

Uchida F-30/25N Paper Folding Machine

An economy-type machine in which folding positions are set manually. A size paper handling B7-A3

Uchida F-47N Automatic Paper Folding Machine

Fully automatic paper folding top model redesigned to meet all kinds of paper folding applications and perforates as standard.

Uchida F43N / IDEAL 8330+ Desktop A3 Folding Machine

Brand new Uchida A3 desktop folder. The F43N / IDEAL 8330+ folding machine can produce at least seven common fold types.

Duplo DF-755 A3 Desktop Folding Machine

The DF-775 is a reliable entry level folder with manual setup and a speed of 125 sheets per minute.